Dave Meyerson Law
This website was a more about organizing the existing content to get the most SEO benefit as well as enhancing the user experience.
Level Interiors llc.
This website was a rebranding of an existing client. The website portrays a more modern and refined interior design company. We  added SEO, new branding, new content, and an updated portfolio section to see some of the amazing past work completed.
T&T Reproduction and Supplies, Inc
This website was a complete redesign. We took the old site and turned it into a more aesthetically pleasing, more organized and user-friendly website. Added SEO, new branding, new content, and a new photo gallery section to see some of the past work completed.
We designed this website to bring a new, attractive online presence to this company. When most potential customers find or want to research a company, they turn to the internet.
Ambit Medical Billing
The focus of this redesign process was to make an attractive, well-organized website. Ambit Billing is amazing at what they do and we created a website to showcase that.
HB Custom Woodworking
They wanted an online presence as they started up their business. By hiring us, we were able to create a beautiful, organized website.
Wharrie Law Firm
This website was a complete redesign. We created a more user-friendly website on a beautiful template with easy navigation. Added SEO, social media icons, new images, and a lot of new content on each service page.
Complete Card Services
This website was a new build. We added the necessary services and products to help any business looking for payment processing solutions. Pay less. Get more.
My CharCUTErie
This website was a redesign project. We streamlined the categories, shipping and local pick up options to make it easier for the end-user. Currently, the website has four different shipping options depending on the product and where you are located. We are also constantly adding new products to the site.
Monahan Firm
This website was a complete redesign. We took the old site and turned it into a more organized and more user-friendly website. Added SEO, new content, and updated his everyday law section which includes podcasts, tv, and guest appearances.
Vanderwerff Construction
This project was a website redesign. The old website was not continually updated which left it vulnerable to security threats. We redesigned this website on a different platform and made it more streamlined for the owner to add images of projects.
RHR Carpentry & Construction
This was a new website design project. The goal was to enhance the services they offered. We also added a media gallery where the consumer can see images we well as video of various projects the company had worked on.
Bella Famiglia Pizza
This project was a website redesign with a couple of twists. First, we wanted the images of the food to stand out and be very vibrant. Second, we had to connect a POS system for online ordering.
Awakened Psychotherapy
The purpose of this website was to increase the business' online presence. We did this by adding the services they offer to individual pages. This increases the websites opportunities for SEO. This also gives us the ability to fully explain the services that they offer, rather than just an except on home page.
SG Law
The focus of this project was to bring the information down to consumer level. Originally, the information on the website was in "attorney" language. The average person looking for the services are not going to understand what services they provide.
Intangible Assets
This project had to be organized so that the job seeker and company looking an employee could easily find the services that pertained to them.
Legacy Wealth
This project was a combination of informing users of the financial services the company offers as well as the many philanthropic events and programs that the company provides to the community.
Job Connections | MHS
This project was done to create a space for local high school students to have easy access to job opportunities and internships that are available.
The Real Estate Guides
This project was done for a group of professionals that provide information on the home buying process. The professionals are passionate about making the home buying process as effortless as possible.
My Life In A Flash
The focus of the project was not only to have an e-commerce platform but to show and highlight the various ways the product can be of use.
Ciao Bella Sewing
The purpose of this project was to build a website that made it possible for the customers to find out information about the upcoming classes as well as register and pay for the class.
St. Mary of the Annunciation
This project was as much about the organization of information as it was about making sure the event information for parishioners and interested parishioners were readily available and up to date.
Lavish Nail Studio
Lavish Nail Studio needed to increase their online presence. By doing so, the social media accounts were updated, a Google Business page was created as well as a 1 page (landing page) website.
City Growth LLC.
This website is a combination of an e-commerce website as well as an informational website about a new product they created as well as the process of hydroponics.
Zoe Palm
For high school athletes, it's all about being seen! What's better than your own, personal website.