Religious Center

Client: St. Mary of the Annunciation

Location: Fremont Center, IL


Date: 2018

This project was as much about the organization of information as it was about making sure the event information for parishioners and interested parishioners were readily available and up to date.

The first step was to organize the 60+ ministries that all needed their own page with the relevant information that pertains to them. The second step was to focus on the events, meetings, gatherings etc. and organize them in a way that a parishioner could get the information as well as the interested parishioner see that the community is active and vibrant.

The events calendar is a big part of this project. The events calendar contains all the events, meetings, gatherings, etc. information. There is a current week calendar on the home page. The full month calendar is on its own page where the search is filterable for quicker results. All of the events have an option for the user to export the event into their Google calendar or ical service.

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