Hydroponics | E-Commerce

Client: CityGrowth

Location: Chicagoland Area

Website: citygrowth.com

Date: 2019

This website is a combination of an e-commerce website as well as an informational website about a new product they created as well as the process of hydroponics. The goal of CityGrowth is to inspire and encourage home gardeners to continue growing fresh herbs, spices, and produce in a space they love.

The e-commerce aspect of the website contains products used for the hydroponic process. From soil nutrients to water pumps, the products are displayed on the shop page with great pictures. The products individual pages contain product information. The payment platform used on the website is a secure gateway.

The information/new product component of the website is the introduction of their hTower system. The product information page contains the explanation of the product as well as a video and pictures on the “how-to” of the product.