How Often to Blog and Why It Matters

Every blogger is always trying to figure out the perfect formula for how often to blog, and the pay-off from the effort of each published blog post. Unfortunately, the answer is going to be different for every blogger. Factors include what the industry is, whether you’re part of a B2B or B2C company, and the size of the company. All of these components affect how often new blog posts should be written and published.

Type of Content Affects How Much You Should Blog

The industry you blog for will have a big impact on how often you should publish new blog posts. If you work in an industry that needs fast-moving information (think news-focused), you’ll need to be adding multiple posts every day! But if you’re in a niche where it’s beneficial to write longer and more in-depth posts, twice a week would be ideal. With more and more blogs now available all over the web, frequent posts on non-urgent topics are not as necessary.

Why Blog Frequency Matters

You now have an idea of how often you should post, but why does it all matter? It matters for a couple important reasons:

Blog Frequency Affects Website Traffic

We’ve already mentioned how blogging affects your website traffic. But specifically how much more traffic can you expect to see with each blog post? This Hubspot article shows an in-depth perspective of how monthly blog posts impact inbound traffic. The traffic you receive from your blog is partially determined by the size of your company, but if you have a company under 25 employees, your website traffic could DOUBLE by increasing your monthly blogs to over 11 posts each month. That’s exciting news!

Blog Frequency Affects Website Leads

Using the research mentioned above, companies that have over published 400 blog posts ended up receiving 3x’s more leads than companies that only have 100 or less published blog posts. Diving further into the data, B2C companies that have published over 400 blog posts receive 4.5X the amount of leads that come from B2C companies with less than 100 published blog posts.

Longevity of Blog posts

Getting into a blog frequency routine and committing to it is critical, but writing quality evergreen content (content that will still be relevant in the future) that’s optimized for search engines will pay off the most in the long run. The most popular and regularly visited Web Ascender blog posts are ones that were written a couple years ago! Write your blog posts while asking yourself “will this be helpful to someone now, and in the future?”—those will be the posts that will contribute to your traffic and lead generation the most.

Experiment with your blog to see what blog frequency formula works best for your site. No need to make huge changes from your current frequency, but figure out if adding one or two posts per week (or subtracting one or two) creates a noticeable increase or decrease in traffic or lead generation. Blog away!



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