Facebook and Instagram outage: Business owners share frustrations

Business owners have shared how they have been affected by an outage of Facebook’s products.

People across the world were unable to access Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp for about 14 hours.

Photo-sharing app Instagram announced it was back up and running, but users are still having difficulty accessing Facebook, according to Down Detector.

People who use the websites for work say they have been drastically affected.
Many people took to other social media sites including Twitter to share their frustration at not being able to post.

Some users said it was a reminder not to “have all of your eggs in one basket” when it came to running a business.

The hashtags #Instagramdown and #Facebookdown were trending online.

Leah Lynch wrote: “Issues with Facebook and Instagram being down again in such a short time shows how important it is not to rely on one platform or medium for your business.”

Another user said: “I didn’t realise how much my career relies on Instagram until the app is entirely down.”

Facebook confirmed that the outage was not related to a DDoS, a cyber attack that floods a website with requests, making it unreachable to other users.

It has not yet confirmed what the real reason behind the problem was.

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